Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Objectives and mission

The slogan of the URV Chair in Paediatric Pain-Grünenthal Foundation is: investigating, sharing, improving. The Chair's fundamental objective is to investigate; to channel, promote and lead research into paediatric pain; to investigate in order to acquire knowledge but also to know what knowledge to acquire and how to acquire it, and to do so always with the desire to share this knowledge. For the Chair, the verbs investigate and share are conjugated simultaneously. Scientific or any other type of progress depends to a large extent on sharing experiences and knowledge. The greatest advances in the study and treatment of pain are the result of collaboration between multiple agents and players.

It is not the objective of the Chair to conduct research and acquire knowledge just for the sake of it. Our aim - our desire and our commitment - is to help improve the quality of life of young people and their families. The motto that guides our actions is: improving the quality of life of children suffering from chronic pain ispossible. All the efforts of the Chair in Paediatric Pain-Grünenthal Foundation are channelled towards that purpose.

Our commitment is to help to improve knowledge of pain and its effects on individuals. We therefore wish to collaborate on every initiative whose purpose is to study and treat pain, including those that are not directed at children. Every member of the Chair is a professional who has conducted applied clinical and research projects in child, adult and senior populations.

Our specific objectives are:

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